Impact Aid Survey Form – Please Complete by November 18, 2022

Fort Sam Houston ISD Parents and Guardians:

The purpose of this message is to ask for your cooperation in completing the Impact Aid Survey online via your SchoolMint account.  The survey can be accessed by clicking here.  The form needs to be completed for each child you have enrolled in our district as of the survey date November 3, 2022.  Your cooperation with completing the survey by November 18, 2022, is of vital importance to our school district and students, and all information is kept confidential. 

This survey is essential to the District’s funding as almost half of our budget consists of Impact Aid funds received from the United States Department of Education for the operation of our schools.  Basically, without these funds, we would not be able to operate and serve our students.

Since 1952, Fort Sam Houston ISD has qualified as a “heavily impacted” district because our district’s boundaries are the same as the Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston Installation we serve and all our students are federally-connected.  Impact Aid assists local school districts like ours that are unable to levy taxes for general operations or sell bonds for facility construction due to the presence of tax-exempt Federal property.  In effect, Impact Aid funds are provided by the federal government in lieu of ad valorem or local property taxes.  To name a few things, these funds are used in our District for teachers’ and paraeducators’ salaries, technology equipment, and extracurricular activities.

Thank you for your cooperation, which is greatly appreciated and will ultimately help us provide the best educational experience possible for your child.




Gary Bates, Ph.D.