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FSHISD Public Health Transition Plan

The District has been working closely with the city, Bexar County Health Authority and JBSA to ensure its decision-making around opening schools is being driven by science and safety.  

“We will go as fast as we can but as slow as we must to ensure that our campuses open safely.  The health of our students and staff is our number one priority.” FSHISD Superintendent, Dr. Gary Bates.

The most recent Bexar County Health Authority Amended Health Directive (found HERE) outlines Bexar County’s weekly metric for school reopening which can be found HERE.  This metric uses Red, Yellow and Green Zones to gauge school safety when it comes to re-opening for in-person instruction.

Movement between zones is based on three statistics in regards to opening for in- person instruction: (1) The positivity rate in Bexar County, (2) the number of days it takes for the local case count to double, and  (3) whether numbers are trending upward, downward, or flattening based on data for a certain number of days.     

  • Red Zone – In-person instruction is not recommended.
  • Yellow Zone – Up to 25% in-person instruction allowed with prioritization for special needs students, at-risk students and students who lack internet access.
  • Green Zone – Up to 100% in-person instruction following TEA and CDC Health Guidance.
FSHISD began the year on August 17th in the Red Zone and as of August 31st, the school metric is in the Yellow Zone.   In the Yellow Zone, up to 25% of students can be on campuses.  This group of students will be prioritized among those who will most benefit from it – such as students who are struggling academically or students who need services in the area of special education.  
While continuing to monitor the county’s school metric, it is the hope that FSHISD will be allowed to offer in-person instruction to all students beginning October 13th.  Parents will have the option for their child to remain virtual for the remainder of the school year.
For more information about our Back to School Guidance and Reopening Plan, please visit our comprehensive plan.  Any questions pertaining to reopening schools email us at
Click on the link below for a detailed overview of our school opening safe practice guidelines.