Who can attend the Fort Sam Houston schools?
Children of military personnel residing on the military reservations of Fort Sam Houston and Camp Bullis are eligible to attend Fort Sam Houston schools. Active duty military parents assigned to the Fort Sam Houston Installation, but who are non-residents, can apply for their children to enroll in the district as transfer students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade. All non-resident transfer students must provide their own transportation to and from school. All current Non-Resident Transfer students must reapply. Parents or guardians may obtain a Non-Resident Transfer Application from the District Administration Office. Submit applications the District Administration Office.

How does the district help students be successful learners?
Fort Sam Houston school personnel believe in empowering students to reach their full academic potential. Students can do this when they know they are valued and are part of a caring, educationally challenging environment. Our teachers encourage students to be active participants in the learning process. Students’ individual learning needs are addressed while diversity is valued and respected.

What campuses are in Fort Sam Houston ISD and how many students attend each school?
Fort Sam Houston Elementary School Grades PK-5, 827 students
Robert G. Cole Junior / Senior High School Grades 6-12, 827 students

Are Fort Sam Houston Schools a part of the DOD school system?
No, Fort Sam Houston ISD is an independent school district, subject to the rules and regulations of the State of Texas and the federal government. It is one of three military school districts in Texas, all located in San Antonio, whose boundaries are coterminous with the military installation they serve: Fort Sam Houston, Lackland AFB, and Randolph AFB.

What is the ethnic distribution of Fort Sam Houston students?

15.6 % African American
30.3 % Hispanic
39.6 % White
  0.9 % Native American
  1.9 % Asian /Pacific Islander

How is the school district funded?
Funding, based upon student enrollment numbers, is received from two main sources: the Department of Education Impact Aid funds and the State of Texas Public School Foundation. The district is not allowed to levy taxes because it resides on federal property and there is no taxing or bonding authority.

In what capacity are Fort Sam Houston’s staff members employed?
 46.6 % are Classroom Teachers
 16.8 % are Educational Aides
  9.2 % are Professional Support (Counselors, Librarians, Diagnosticians, Nurses, etc.)
23.5 % are Auxiliary Support (Cafeteria workers, Maintenance & custodial workers, Bus Drivers)
  2.8 % are Campus Administrators
 1.1 % are Central Office Administrators