Fort Sam Houston Independent School District

Dress Code

FSHISD Dress Code 2018-2019

The goal of the dress code at Cole Middle and High School is to facilitate an environment that maximizes safety, minimizes distraction, focuses attention on learning, and demonstrates pride in personal appearance and our campus.


·        Shirts must be long enough so as NOT to expose the midriff during normal school activities, including bending, reaching, sitting, and stretching


·        Shoulder straps must be at least two inches wide


·        NOT ALLOWED: Strapless tops, mesh/see-through shirts, low necklines, backless shirts, large arm holes (sports jerseys included), spandex, tight-fitting tops


Bottoms (shorts,

Skirts, pants)

·        Must be worn at the hips at all times never exposing undergarments


·        Shorts/skirts/dresses must be not shorter than the fingertips when arms are extended at sides OR mid-thigh (whichever is longer).


·        Leggings worn under a top at least fingertip length


·        NOT ALLOWED: Boxer or biking shorts, skin tight shorts or skin tight pants (loose fitting joggers are allowed), oversized shorts or pants, holes that fall above the fingertips or are not backed by fabric patches as part of the garment, hems that are not neatly trimmed



·        Hats may be worn outside


·        NOT ALLOWED: Picks, bandanas, any head covering inside a building unless a medical need exists


·        Shoes must be worn at all times


·        NOT ALLOWED: Steel inserts, taps, cleats, or any type of metal plastic, or rubber devices which may cause damage to the floor or create a disturbance, house shoes


·        Garments must be in good condition


·        Undergarments may not be worn as outer garments, or be visible


·        Tattoos must be covered


·        Hair should be clean, neat, well-groomed and not cause a disruption to the educational setting


·        Piercings are limited to ears only


·        NOT ALLOWED: Items that depict drugs, alcohol, gang affiliation, tobacco, weapons, nudity, death, violence, vulgar/obscene language or images, and/or insults to : race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity, chain-like necklaces, spikes, wallet chains, oversized clothing

As fashion changes, school administration reserves the right to adjust dress code standards to maintain a safe and positive learning environment.                                                                                                                                                          Revised August 2018                                                          

You can download a copy of the dress code below.