Fort Sam Houston ISD

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I passionately believe public school transformation centered around student progress and evidence-based decisions provides the absolute best schooling opportunity for students. In that mindset, I collaborate with teacher leaders and administrative leaders to ensure that our academic programs work to the peak of their ability, so ALL students can achieve success and reach their personal goals.


To serve the military child, we:

- Design induction activities for new teacher leaders, and professional development activities for returning teacher leaders.
- Collaborate to determine district and campus program goals for monitoring and continuous improvement.
- Facilitate planning for transformation through collaboration as a member of the Teaching and Learning Team, District of Innovation Team, and District Design Team.
- Track, measure and improve campus performance as a member of the District Academic Leadership, and Performance Based Monitoring Team.
- Coordinate, evaluate and improve special programs including, but not limited to: RtI, CTE, AP, Dual Credit, G/T, ESL, Dyslexia, grant programs, MOU affiliated programs
- Coordinate and facilitate grant and MOU program activities of our dual credit, dual enrollment and advanced placement partnerships for the secondary students
- Maintain, update and edit the district procedures and resources (intranet) website as the district implementer
- Observe, coach and assist in selection of professional development for instructional improvement