Fort Sam Houston ISD

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Welcome .....Welcome to JBSA Fort Sam Houston. 
My name is Liz Lee and I am the Community Liaison and Advocate for Student Success. I am so excited to assist our students and families.
We have an outstanding staff and a variety of services available to our students.  My job is one of many designed to help our children be successful in and out of the classroom. Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.  I will do my best to answer and assist in anyway. 
My role is described below; however, in addition to this, I am also the Cole High School Varsity swim coach. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to serve our students, families, and staff in a variety of settings.  

Our district serves over 1500 students whose parents are in the military or affiliated with the military community. We have one elementary school and one middle and high school campus.  We are glad you are here!  Below are our district mission and our district beliefs.

District Mission 

The mission of the Fort Sam Houston ISD is to develop the hearts and minds of all students, empowering them to become successful, active contributors in a changing global community.


District Beliefs 

  • We exist to serve the military child. 
  • We are a family of lifelong learners who respect and honor individual differences, diversity, and talent. 
  • We believe a safe and caring environment fosters the emotional and social well-being of students. 
  • We believe that every teacher is a leader; every leader is a teacher. 
  • We inspire our students to their highest level of learning. 
  • We, the school community, provide engaging, challenging, and meaningful work for learners. 
  • We prepare students to be leaders by instilling character, competence, and creativity.


As part of our school’s initiative, my job as Community Liaison and Advocate for Student Success is to build relationships with the community to enhance our students' educational experiences.  Military City USA has an abundance of individuals, groups, military units and corporations with so much to offer our students and educators in support of our district beliefs.  These partnerships provide opportunities for students to excel in a variety of settings.  My job is to help foster these relationships both in and out of the school setting as we break boundaries and make connections for our students.