Message Regarding Campus Thanksgiving Meals

During the month of November, our thoughts turn to giving thanks – for our families, friends, and military veterans – to name just a few. Our campuses join in the celebration by having a Thanksgiving Feast prepared by the Child Nutrition Department. We know that in prior years we were able to accommodate an open meal at the campuses and allow parents to join students for the meal.
For 2022 the decision has been made to provide the meals for students only and not have a large open meal. Several factors were considered in this decision, including:
• Safety and security of our students,
• Recent increase in absences for both students and staff due to flu and other viruses resulting in our desire to limit the spread of infections,
• Limited staff availability to coordinate a large event during the school day due to absence rates and staffing shortages, and
• Supply chain issues in ordering enough food to accommodate parents and students.
We appreciate your understanding of this decision, and we will review next year for any possible changes.