Non-Resident Transfer Student Program

Welcome to Fort Sam Houston Independent School District (FSHISD) Non-Resident Transfer Program (NRT) home page. In this page you will find up-to-date information about the FSHISD’s NRT program. 


Our District is able to offer limited enrollment to students on a tuition-free basis who do not reside within its boundaries but meet certain eligibility criteria. We appreciate your service to our country and want to provide the best education possible to our military-connected students. We look forward to serving your children for as long as our resources will allow.


FSHISD proudly serves the children of military personnel and retirees. Our first responsibility is ensuring that all enrolled students’ needs are met in the classroom and in connection with any unique services that each child requires.  We must also prioritize students who reside on the installation as we are the sole District responsible for serving these students.


While we are pleased to offer the NRT program to allow eligible students, we must consider NRT applications with an understanding of the space, instructional and support staff, and other resources required to meet the needs of non-residents students.  During the last few school years Fort Sam Houston ISD has experienced an increased demand that impacts the resources available for non-residents students.  As a result, no transfer students will be accepted if the transfer would require additional staff beyond the resources available for students residing within the boundaries of FSHISD.  Unfortunately, the District will be unable to accept ANY student who requires the following services because our current and planned Fort Sam Houston ISD professional caseloads are filled in the following areas:


  • Resource classroom instruction at the Elementary Level (PreK-5)
  • Speech therapy services at the Elementary Level (PreK-5)


Please be aware that we will consider each application based upon the student’s needs at the time the NRT Application was submitted to the District. 


All NRT students must reapply each year and meet District eligibility criteria.
Transfer decisions are made without regard to race, religion, color, gender, disability, national origin, or ancestral language.

In approving transfers, the campus administration will consider availability of space, availability of instructional and support staff, and other resources, the student’s disciplinary history, attendance, grades, and any potential adverse effect on resident students. 

Current-Non-Resident Transfer Students - The NRT students currently enrolled for the 2023-2024 school year will be notified of the NRT application process via email (from SchoolMint) with a guide on how to complete NRT/Re-enrollment forms beginning April 08, 2024 at 8:00 a.m.. This includes students who moved out of Lincoln Military Housing and off Joint Base San Antonio – Fort Sam Houston and have completed the 2023-2024 NRT application. Please be sure to check your spam/junk mail for this email.

You will complete and submit the NRT application using an online form.  Your application will be reviewed for completeness.  The NRT program will open for new student applications so we would like to get your application processed before that time.

Current NRT students who plan to return MUST apply no later than May 24, 2024.  Failure to re-apply will result in the loss of prioritization and will be required to apply as a new NRT student.

First Time Non-Resident Transfer Students – Students interested in applying to attend Fort Sam Houston schools as a NRT for the 2024-2025 school year may apply beginning May 3, 2024 @ 8:00 a.m..  Applications will not be considered until the application is verified as complete.

**Parents needing to come into the office in person for assistance must make an appointment before arriving by calling District Office at 210-368-8707 or emailing [email protected]

Online application Link: 

Application link for the 2024-2025 School Year - This link is for use with student new to FSHISD beginning May 3, 2024.
Returning students can apply beginning April 08, 2024.

Completing the NRT application does not constitute approval. After the District reviews the application, you will receive an email notifying you of the application decision.

Your questions are always welcome. Please contact District Office at (210) 368-8707 or send an email to [email protected]