2024-2025 School Year Calendar Input Results!

Thank you for your participation in the School Year 2024-25 Calendar survey. We are grateful for the large response and appreciate you taking the time to lend your voices to the conversation. Many groups were able to share their opinions through the 3 questions. Below are the results. We will be using these to draft the final calendar that will go to the School Board for approval on February 29. 
Survey 1
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Happy New Year, Fort Sam Houston ISD and community,
The draft District Calendar for the 2024-2025 school year is nearing completion. We would like your feedback regarding scheduling of Professional Learning Days that would be most convenient for families. 
The survey will close on Friday, January 19th at the close of business.  
The responses will inform our placement of the days in question, but please know the School Board has final approval of the calendar.