Culinary Arts Students Garner Awards!

More than 55 students from 15 schools such as Alamo Heights, Brandeis, Memorial and Lanier were there going head to head with Cole students. But before the day was over, our very own Eldred Brinson received 3rd place for his Peach Cobbler Cupcake. The students left that competition with a trophy, but they also left with something much more valuable than that - experience and the mindset that in order to be successful, you have to put in time and work hard.
Culinary students' busy weekend continued because the next day they served dinner to 130 guests at the Best Medic Competition. This event consisted of two weeks of planning, coordination and finally food preparation. For 5 days,  the students worked on the spaghetti dinner, perfecting the sauce, rolling and decorating sugar cookies, boiling noodles, and baking bread. After loading everything onto the bus, they were on their way to set up. After a few setbacks (forgetting silverware and the sweet tea container), the night went smoothly as speakers gave their presentations and medics got second spaghetti plates. Our Cole students - Eldred Brinson, Brielle Cooper, Charlyann Silva, Tayshawn Redwine  , Daria Valentino , Catherine Nichols, and Faithsy Silva  received certificates of appreciation and were recognized during the dinner.
The following week, two students competed in the St. Philips College Fall Invitational Cake Decorating Challenge.  Eldred Brinson and Catherine Nichols each prepared a 3-tier decorated Thanksgiving theme cake.  Catherine Nichols' cake was awarded the 3rd Place trophy and students learned the value of detailed planning and experienced the stress of transporting a large cake across town!  These successful projects were made possible with the help of our brand new 20 quart commercial mixer!  
Overall, the students had some busy weeks filled with wins and laughter. Special thanks to Mrs. Skidmore for all the hard work she has put in and for guiding these students.
Article submitted by Cole Senior Brielle Cooper