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Application FAQ's

When can I submit my online application?

Fort Sam Houston ISD accepts electronic applications at any time, even if no vacancies exist. Our online system is very user-friendly. You can save your work and come back to it later before you submit; you also can log in at any time of the day or night as often as you want to make changes or updates to your application--just be sure to resubmit when you are done. Remember: one application serves for all types of employment.

Do you accept paper applications?

Since January 1, 2009, Fort Sam Houston ISD has used the current online application system. It is accessible via the EMPLOYMENT folder of the HR Department's "Resources" section. No paper or e-mail attachments are permitted during the application process. However, if you are only applying for auxiliary work (custodian, food service, bus driver, or monitor), you may request a paper application from the Personnel Office.

Should I submit an "internal" or "external" application?
Internal applications are intended only for permanent employees of the district to submit a request for reassignment to a vacant position.
External applications are intended for new applicants and current substitute and contracted services employees.

What about supporting documents, like my resume?

Because applications are viewed in a self-contained online system, supporting documents are not accepted in hard copy format or via e-mail attachment. You may upload/attach files directly to your online application. It is recommended that you include a letter of interest, resume, certificate or license, and transcript(s). There is a file size limit of 1MB, so scanned items may need to be done one page per file and attached separately. If you don't have access to a scanner, you may want to check out your local copy service providers, who often have scanners available as well.

What if I want to apply for a new vacancy after I've submitted my application?
Only one electronic application should be submitted per applicant--all types of employment may be indicated on the same application. If a future vacancy catches your eye, simply log in and check the appropriate box on the vacancy listing page. The system will generate an automated message to the administrator containing your name and a link to your application.
Why does my online application look different than the last time I logged in?
When changes are made on the administrative (district) end, the application modifies itself as needed. For example, active vacancies are listed in the application as soon as they are posted. When the posting is removed, the vacancy no longer appears in the application. Also, some pages are visible only when a certain type of employment is desired. For example: if you decide to apply for substitute after you have submitted your professional application, the page of substitute preferences will appear for you to complete; alternately, questions regarding a commercial driver's license should not appear unless you have applied for a bus driving position.
I am interested in substituting. How can I apply?
To apply for substitute employment, check the box next to "Substitute" on the application page listing all potential district positions (job "pools") and complete the substitute preferences page. By submitting your application with the "Substitute" box checked, you are authorizing the district to include your application in the next substitute processing cycle. Each month Personnel will search the system for new substitute applicants, process them, and notify those applicants of the steps to take to become an active substitute. Check the Upcoming Events section of the HR page for cut-off dates.
This process in no way affects your application for other types of employment. However, if you change your mind about subbing, please log in to your application and uncheck the box on the job pool list. Your page of substitute preferences should no longer be visible. *
Fort Sam Houston ISD requires you to have a minimum of 60 college semester hours from an accredited college or university to qualify as a classroom substitute. If you are hired as a classroom substitute, official college transcript(s) (in an envelope sealed by the registrar) must be submitted for your file.
To substitute as a school nurse, a valid Texas RN license is required.
A minimum of high school diploma or equivalency is required to substitute in a campus office or as a bus driver (CDL plus S & P endorsements), bus or lunch monitor, or food service specialist.
Fort Sam Houston ISD does not participate in Social Security. Therefore, substitutes are required to enroll in an alternative 401(a) plan provided by AIG-VALIC. Individuals receiving Social Security (SS) or Texas Teacher Retirement System (TRS) retirement benefits are exempt from this plan.
*Note to Texas-certified educators: All applications indicating interest in substitute employment are reported for this purpose on a monthly basis. If you have checked the "Substitute" box in the job pool list, your name will be added to the next cycle. This in no way affects your application status and is unrelated to other types of employment you may be seeking. However, if you hold any type of certificate issued by TEA-SBEC and have not yet been fingerprinted for SB9, this monthly substitute report starts an 80-day "clock." If you have not been fingerprinted within this 80-day period, your certificate(s) will be inactivated until you do so.