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Fingerprint Requirements

State-Mandated Fingerprinting
Effective January 1, 2008, all new hires, regardless of employee type, must be fingerprinted in accordance with state law (SB 9) before being eligible to begin work. If you have been digitally fingerprinted through L-1 Identities since this date for the purpose of employment with a Texas school district, or during the Texas educator certification process, you will not need to submit your fingerprints again at this time.
Currently, the cost of SB 9 fingerprinting is $50.20. Payment methods vary depending on your Texas educator certification status and the type of employment you are seeking.
Fingerprints previously submitted for other purposes, such as various licenses or security clearance, are not transferable. Digital fingerprints submitted for real estate or nursing licenses, gun permits, or security clearances do not qualify for SB 9 requirements.