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Fort Sam Houston ISD Grants

DoDEA "Branching Out with STEM across Pre-K through 12" Grant Years 2019 - 2024
Goal:  Cultivate and raise interest and participation in STEM related classes.
Strategy 1 - Increase the amount and depth of the training in STEM and the use of the existing Imaginasium Pre-K through 5.
Strategy 2 - Enhance and expand STEM related after school clubs and project based learning in grades 6-8.  This will be done by offering professional development for teachers, purchasing materials, and supplies.
Strategy 3 -Create a Digital Forensics Course and an Investigating Careers Course. *Revised & Implementing in 2022.2023 school year. 
Fort Sam Houston ISD Board Meeting:  Executive Summary:  Department of Defense Education STEM Grant Update, October 23, 2020 
Texas Education Agency's Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Supplemental Grant Years 2021-2023:
Program Guidelines:  2021-2023 ESSER Supplemental (ESSER-SUPP) Federal Grant
Purpose of ProgramThe intent of the ESSER-SUPP grant is to provide additional resources to pay for unreimbursed costs due to the coronavirus pandemic and for intensive educational supports for students not performing satisfactorily.  The intent and purpose of ARP of 2021, ESSER III funding is to help safely reopen and sustain the safe operation of schools and address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on students.
Fort Sam Houston ISD's Plan:  Board Presentation September 16, 2021:  
Note:  ESSER-Supplemental funding is reviewed periodically based on the ever-changing needs of our students.