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Technology - Ms. Davidson's Home Page

*FSHISD: The Archetype of Technology in Education*   

Kiehle Technology Center
4090 Winans Road, Bldg. 1940

San Antonio, TX 78234

Welcome! I joined the FSHISD family in 2006 and have a total of 12 years of service with Texas public schools. Currently I have the pleasure of supporting the members of our technology team, who consistently deliver A+ service and instruction to our students, staff, parents, and the entire Fort Sam community.

Visitors should keep in mind that FSHISD is a public school district located on federal property; access is somewhat limited and subject to current policies of the military installation. Plan ahead: be prepared to present valid ID at access gates, and ensure vehicle registration and insurance are current. If you are a first-time visitor, you may wish to check with the district regarding any additional procedures that may be required.

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