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Our Connected Classroom: 1-1 Chromebooks for 6-12th Grade

“We are currently preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist … using technologies that haven't been invented … in order to solve problems we don't even know are problems yet.”  Quote
Why Chromebooks?
This is a technology-rich world, and students are immersed in digital technology in their out-of-school lives. With greater access to real-time information & digital learning resources, students can experience higher levels of motivation and engagement with their learning.
Our campus is fully wireless, and students will be able to access the internet for research and projects from anywhere on campus. In addition, our teachers have participated in extensive staff development to ensure sound, research-based integration of this exciting technology.
Highest Potential

Receiving A Chromebook                 

Involvement in the one-to-one program is not required, but we highly encourage participation because Chromebooks will be used extensively in the classroom. There is no initial cost to parents or guardians, but as with all school-issued materials and equipment, the student is responsible for the care of the Chromebook.                                                                             

Parents and students must complete a Chromebook Agreement Form outlining the responsibilities and care of the device. Once the agreement form is on file, students and parents will be contacted to receive a Chromebook device and charger.  

Please click here to access the link for parents to sign the electronic form. Your student's six-digit Aeries ID will be needed to complete this task. 

Chromebook Care & Optional Insurance

The devices are covered under accidental damage coverage purchased by the district, but students will be assessed a $30 handling fee each time the device must be fixed. The coverage does not cover loss or theft. But, for your convenience and ease of mind, we are able to offer you an affordable insurance protection option from an outside third-party vendor for theft. If you decide to purchase insurance, you can find more information at this link: Insurance

Please check out the graphic below for great tips for students in managing their device. In the event that a Chromebook needs repair, students will need to complete the following form and return the damaged device to Mr. Tobler in the Media Center. A 'loaner' device will be issued temporarily.

Filtering & Parent App

Under the federal Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the district must filter Internet access and teach online safety. At FSHISD, we take your child's security and privacy very seriously. Therefore, the District makes every effort to supervise and monitor student technology use, and we use several filtering appliances to block access to Internet content that is obscene, pornographic, and harmful to minors.

GoGuardian is the selected cloud-based content filter employed on district-issued Chromebooks. It is intended for K12 education and supports safe learning on and off campus.

Our district has granted parents & guardians access to GoGuardian Parent, a mobile app designed to provide parents/guardians insight and control over their student's online activity when on school-managed devices and accounts. For more information, click here to access the GoGuardian Parent app information. 


Exciting learning opportunities await our students! If you have questions about the Connected Classroom initiative, please contact Mrs.Torie Marquez, Director of Technology, or Mr. Wacey Tobler, Secondary Digital Learning Coach

Chromebook Do's and Don'ts

Chromebook Care