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A Bright Spot on Public Education

Fort Sam Houston Independent School District is to dedicated sharing awareness of the top tier educational and extracurricular opportunities available for students. As a part of that,  Fort Sam Houston ISD collaborates with the local and state community to ensure people know about the great things that happen at Fort Sam Houston ISD and area public schools. Fort Sam Houston ISD has partnered with two dedicated ambassador groups to help relay the news.
Friends of Texas Public Schools (FOTPS)
Working in partnership with the Friends of Texas Public Schools (FOTPS), Fort Sam Houston ISD is currently training fifty staff members to be Ambassadors of the district.  Participants learn how to serve as ambassadors or champions for classrooms, campuses, Fort Sam Houston ISD, and education as a whole.  Next year we will expand the training to include parents, business and community partners.  
Go Public
Go Public is an advocacy group led by Bexar County's 16 school districts dedicated to informing our region about the strong communities, awesome teachers, academic rigor, diversity, engaged and active learning, and extracurricular experiences that are unique to San Antonio public schools. Through a variety of advertising media, the successes of these districts is presented to the community.