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Community Partnerships

The partnerships between Fort Sam Houston and Fort Sam Houston Independent School District are exceptional. It is a relationship that dates back to 1951 when the school district was first established and still continues strong. Both entities, since then, have communicated and collaborated to work together for one common purpose, the success and safety of the children of our soldiers. The parents of FSHISD students are soldiers who are deployed to other environments around the world. Their children are highly mobile, relocating with their parents with every different location assignment. 
Consequently, the FSHISD student faces special challenges and issues, such as different graduation requirements, the loss of credits, the difficulties associated with losing friendships and forming new ones, or the uncertainty of a parent’s fate. The partnership between Fort Sam Houston and Fort Sam Houston Independent School District attempts to address and resolve issues like those listed. The Installation partners with the District to provide a variety of services for the children. For example, the School-Based Health Center established at Robert G. Cole Middle and High School provides medical care to military connected students. Adolescent medicine physicians from the San Antonio Military Medical Center staff the center one-half day a week, tending to student patients every half-hour. 
Additionally, military staff provide mentoring, counseling, dental education sessions, and many other services as an element of the Adopt-A-School program. Fort Sam Houston Independent School District has opened its doors and welcomed all the children of the Wounded Warriors recuperating at San Antonio Military Medical Center. It has removed any barriers that might prevent the school-aged children from obtaining an education while tending to their parents. 
The Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC), a world-wide organization established to advocate for the military-connected child, recognized the partnership between Fort Sam Houston and Fort Sam Houston Independent School District in 2004-2005 and 2005-2006. As a part of the Pete Taylor Partnership of Excellence Award Program, FSH and FSHISD were awarded the Exemplary Partnership Award for their outstanding joint programs, projects and services. 
Our goal is to create a school and community partnership that positively impacts student achievement. We work to match district and campus needs with resources that provide volunteers, funding, equipment, and materials. 
Interested in becoming a partner with the Fort Sam Houston schools? Contact you child's school for more information.