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Trinity Prize for Excellence in Teaching Award

Trinity Prize for Excellence in Teaching Award
This prize is awarded in the spring to two teachers from among 21 school districts in the San Antonio area. The two top prize educators receive $2500 and are honored at a ceremony in the spring. This award is co-sponsored by Trinity University and the HEB Foundation.  Criteria for the Trinity Prize for Excellence in Teaching consists of  Outstanding classroom performance (subject matter competence, positive relationships with students, ability to motivate students, recognition of the dignity, worth, and value of each student, provision of opportunity for success for all students, and student achievement), Leadership in the school and school district (respect from peers, and supervisory and administrative personnel, willingness to share ideas, materials, and time with colleagues and others in the school and district, availability for participation in co-curricular activities), Leadership in the education profession (contributions to the teaching profession, professional integrity) and Outstanding community service (contributions to the community).  FSHISD alternates campus nominations.
Veteran Nominees are:
Margie Lee, 1982             Barbara Cheney, 1991         Linda Reed, 2000            Louis Sifuentes, 2009*
John Yarling, 1983           Melrose Haley, 1992            Kelly Palmer, 2001           Laura Lamoureux, 2010
Betty Taylor, 1984            Dr. Martin McCall, 1993       Gail Helt, 2002                  Donna Tripp, 2011
Henry H. Griffis, 1985       Cynthia Riggs, 1994            Patricia Feola, 2003         Nora Gonzalez, 2012
Collen Dement, 1986       James Hudson, 1995           Amy Cichon, 2004            Michalle McCallister, 2013
Ronald Tullis, 1987           Rosa Escamilla, 1996         Robert Hoffmann, 2005    Dr. Melanie Morgan, 2014
Barbara Husting, 1988     Gene Willis, 1997                Cindy Kautz, 2006            Torie Marquez, 2015
Sue Rowland, 1989          Robin Hansen, 1998           Jackie Stott, 2007             Brenda Marafioto, 2017
Marion Chandler, 1990     Patricia Leer, 1999             Mary Harrell, 2008             Julie Blackstone, 2018