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KENS 5 ExCEL Award 

This award will honor one outstanding teacher from each school district. Each honoree will receive a trophy, $1,000 and will be featured on KENS 5 newscast during the month of December. The goal is to recognize the outstanding educators in the San Antonio area who are making a positive impact on the lives of our children. Their mission is to make outstanding public school educators known in the community, bringing to light the positive role that teachers play in the future success of our communities and the vision is that, through this program, we will demonstrate to our children how much we value excellence in teaching, and we will see ExCEL teachers become role models for students and other teachers in the community.


Veteran FSHISD ExCEL Award winners are:

Debra Denson, 1999

Lori Fuller, 2007 Roger Montalvo, 2015 Lucy Guevara, 2023

Linda Moharam, 2000

Brandon Jones, 2008 Andrea Garcia, 2016  

Nancy Hildenburg, 2001

Brian Sotak, 2009 Megan Flores, 2017  

Tonya Hyde, 2002

Charli Mullen, 2010 2018  

Rita Hansen, 2003

Jo Chacòn, 2011 2019  

Becky Taplin, 2004

Rebecca Mithofer, 2012


Doug Smith, 2005 Christina Baker, 2013 2021  

Debbie McCullough, 2006

Veronica Hellamns, 2014 2022