Gifted and Talented

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The Differences Among Learners

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Referrals: Referrals for students to the district Gifted and Talented program are taken year round. Parents, students, or teachers can refer a student in grades Kindergarten through 12. Referral forms can be accessed HERE or by contacting the campus coordinators. 

Information is provided in the language of the parents to the extent possible. 

FSH Elementary will  process referrals once each semester and evaluate students for services provided in the gifted and talented program.  Robert G. Cole will process referrals once in the fall semester only. Referral periods are open year round but testing windows will be posted on the campus and district websites.  Referrals may be made by teachers, counselors, parents or other interested persons. Assessment Criteria will take into consideration the diverse needs of our students to best determine if G/T services are the best way to meet their academic needs.

Transfer Students:   When a student, identified as gifted by a previous school district, enrolls in the District, the selection committee shall review the student’s records and conduct assessment procedures when necessary to determine if placement in the District’s program for gifted and talented students is appropriate. For students transferring from a tiered G/T program, FSHISD’s program aligns with a Tier 4 placement.